Building a community has many challenges. But the one challenge that seers through is inculcating intent.

Blogchatter is a community built of high on energy passionate bloggers and they all constitute the varied facets of our lives. From genres to language to even seriousness, Blogchatter members have them all.

Mixing these people under one umbrella was becoming a daunting task. And one that was seeing us question our actions each day.

But wait. A surprise twitter conversation around Jagjit Singh followed by many more messages and we stumbled upon an idea called Blogbuddy!

A friend in blogging.

Looking for a friend in blogging- (3) (1)


What is blogbuddy?

Blogbuddy is a campaign by Blogchatter where seven bloggers come together and support each other through their blogging journey. They form a small tribe within the larger one (i.e Blogchatter) and create centres of awesomeness.

Being friends to each other in trying times like writers blocks and websites crashes. They also extend support beyond the realms of blogging.

And these heartwarming stories fill up many corners of Blogchatter community every now and then.

How many?

When it comes to numbers. Blogbuddy has seen two seasons. In season 1.0 we saw five groups and thirty seven people signing up! In season 2.0 we say four groups and twenty eight people signing up.

So a total strength of sixty five committed, high on energy and very mad bloggers form blogbuddy for us!

If you are interested in becoming a blogbuddy, simply drop us an email (at [email protected]) with subject line “wish to be a blogbuddy” and in body add details of your blog and social media profiles. We will take it up from there!

Photo credits: Divyakshi Gupta