What is success – how do you define it – and is there a formula that ensures you are successful? These are the questions community pondered with the ever dynamic Chitra who shared what success means to her and how she measures this.

On April 6th, 2018, Blogchatter held a tweetup with the renowned author, Chitra B. Divakaruni. While most of the participants were busy turning in for the night, Chitra had actually just started off her day on the other side of the globe in Houston, Texas and we are so glad she could take some time off to share some wisdom with us mere mortals!

For all those who couldn’t be a part of it, have no worries for we have right here a short summary and a pick of the best moments of the chat.

We started the discussion with a question about the one myth about writing that the participants hoped people would stop believing in and as Pooja points out, they all assume it’s easy to keep writing.

And then, considering that the main topic was a discussion about the various stages of success for an author, Blogchatter posed the question…

… and while there were many answers, they all could perhaps be easily encapsulated in Chitra’s well-phrased, succinct answer.

And of course, Richa too had a very valid point.

Having gotten over the various myths in writing and defining what true success means to the majority of us writers, the discussion moved on to the issue of publishing, particularly about being a self-published author.

And this is what our community had to say

Yes, we have to agree with those viewpoints. Considering that self-publishing has definitely brought a lot more authors into the scene and also that traditional publishing houses have a stricter outlook towards the pieces that are submitted (Gone With The Wind was rejected 38 times and Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone 12 times *shudders*), self-publishing is undoubtedly a welcome change to the industry. But then, there is almost nothing that can replace the influence of a great editor and an amazing marketing team for the success and outreach of a book, especially for a newly published author.

Talking about marketing and outreach for authors, the next question posed during the discussion was

… and the community wholeheartedly agreed, “YES! Digital is needed”… well, kind of. Here’s what they actually had to say.

And the chat winded up asking about the moment in time when our community felt that they had finally made it.

Well that was interesting, enlightening and above all, a very lively chat indeed. Once again, a huge shout-out to the very awesome Chitra Divakaruni for her participation in this chat.

Stages of being a successful author Twitter Chat with Chitra Divakaruni was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under this. You can screenshot the below schedule: