Anupriya is a human resource professional turned blogger turned author.  While her blog focuses on everything kids and women, her fiction work revolves around relationships and the turmoil that regular life-events and incidents can cause in one’s life.

Her first book ‘Parenting and A Slice of Everything’ was published during the Blogchatter ebook carnival in 2018, and garnered some rave reviews. Her second book ‘Because I Promised’ was published in print in November 2018. This book too has received very encouraging reviews.

Contact: @Anupriya_guptaa

Arjun Gupta is a 21-year-old mental health activist. He is an avid, blogger and a YouTuber. After having battled severe clinical depression between 2015-2017, Arjun has been working to sensitize and inform society about mental health.

Last year, he published his first book, “The A-Z of Mental Health” and is soon launching his second book


With two post-graduate degrees and eight years of corporate experience, Sonia Chatterjee quit her Banking job to become a writer. She blogs on her site

She is the author of the detective thriller Deal of Death and has also been invited as a speaker at the Breaking Barriers Kolkata event by Womens Web. In her one and a half year journey of blogging, she has won multiple awards and accolades. She has also been featured in the top twenty lists of the Orange flower awards, 2018 by Womens Web. Currently, she is working on her next novel in the Detective series.

Contact: @soniasmusings

Deepa Gandhi has a Postgraduate M.Phil degree in Foods and Nutrition, She strongly believes in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”.

She is a blogger band author by passion, a mommy of two girls, she shares all her experiences at

She also published two Ebooks- 1.Parenting tips and tricks, a collection of tips from her own experiences as a mom. 2.Healthy recipes under 30 minutes which is a collection of homecooked, ‘healthy but not boring’ dishes.

Contact: @Deepagandhi1

Dr. Bushra Nausheen, a doctor who does health & lifestyle blogging She loves to live a healthy lifestyle and follows the 80/20 rule. She published 2 Ebooks A to Z of Pregnancy & Blogging Basics 1.0 via Blogchatter Ebook Carnival season 2 & 3 after successful completion of AtoZchallenge via Blochatter.

She tries to offer a modern and mindful approach towards Lifestyle like Health & Fitness, Foods & Nutrition, Parenting & Kids, Beauty, fashion, etc via her books and blog. You can read more about her experience about How Blogchatter Ebook Carnival Helps in Publishing My EBook.

Contact: @drbushra_aatw

Dr. Amit Prakash, is a doctor by profession, blogger by passion and a poet at heart. Tea keeps him going and poetry keeps him sane.

He is a published author and credits his “blogging to author” transformation to blogchatter. His book “मन मन्थन: काव्य संग्रह ” is available on all major online platforms.

Contact: @doc2poet

Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon and previously a teacher in a Medical College. Dr. Amrita has been blogging for four and a half years and has over 600 blogs published.. She has authored five books and they are available on Amazon. She has a blog,

She calls herself an avid bookworm and her favorite thing to be gifted is a book! Dr. Amrita loves gardening, traveling and doodling with her daughter.

Contact: @misra_amrita

Dr. Ruchi Nasa is a pathologist working in a corporate hospital in Dubai. She is a multi-faceted person who loves to travel. Her other hobbies are reading, blogging and cooking. Her interests in books range from thrillers to romance.

Contact: @RuchiNasa

Huma Masood published three nonfiction books on Amazon. She writes about the choices and motivation to improve life, books and the related. She spent 5+ years as a project manager in an international consultancy where she learnt the nitty-gritty of communications and the benefits of above-average presentation.

Huma holds an MBA in Finance/Marketing, and she works towards excellence by balancing quality with quantity. She graduated from AMU, where she learnt to cherish absolute equality and inclusion.

Contact: @Huma_Masood

Jayanthi Manikandan is a technical blogger/e-learning developer. She owns her own blog at where she pens a few personal thoughts as well. She is currently Security Researcher @Infosec Train

Contact: @jayaaug

Mahak spends her days juggling life as an HR Tech Consultant and a toddler mom. When she isn’t busy being a mom, she is busy writing about being a mom at

Her first book “Diary of a Baby” is a candid, witty take on life from a baby’s perspective written in the form of diary entries. The book, published as a part of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival 2018, is now available on Amazon globally and has been downloaded over 1,000 times. The book has very good ratings & reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads.

Contact: @babyandbeyondin

Mayuri Nidigallu is a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a Writer by design. Since she is already aware of what the future holds, she just enjoys unwrapping the present.

She made the transition from Blogger to Author by publishing her very 1st EBook with Blogchatter in 2017.

Contact: @Mayuri6

MeenalSonal through their blog “Aura Of Thoughts” spreads the message of positivity and to look at life through a different angle.

Their blog is one among the Indian Top Blogs. They have released their 2 ebooks with blogchatter which are now available on Amazon, “Tangled Relationships yet Sweet” in Season 2 and “Parenting Intangible Wonder” in season 3.

Contact: @AuraofThoughts

Paresh Godhwani is the co-author of Six Degrees. He is also the author of Life in Local Train and IPL-ology. Accountant.

He is a surveyor in India’s top general insurance company. And he claims he is Not so good a designer.

Contact: @Par_God

PraGun is an amateur blogger who finds Creativity & Art everywhere. Sun-Sea-Sky watcher, Chilly-Cherry og gal, mom, blogger.

She lives a sophisticated nomadic life, changing abodes to learn more and make friends. Proud Indian soul who loves traveling and writing travel, food & personal stories. She works for an NGO part-time. eBook author of “Coming Home to Nature” with help from blogchatter.

Contact: @iPragun

Preeti Negi belongs to the beautiful state of Uttaranchal, India. From the time she was twelve, Preeti’s love for reading enhanced her day-dreaming habit and she eventually started weaving stories.

Her popular blog Preeti’s Panorama was the first avenue for bringing out her writer side and she hasn’t looked back since. In 2018, she pushed her limits towards a new change in her life by becoming an author of the book ‘The Life Lived’. She launched her book through Blogchatter’s Ebook Carnival Season 3.

Contact: @preetispanorama

Priya U Bajpai is a short story author and poet with several of her past work having been published in mainstream newspapers.

This literature scholar is a versatile story-teller. She is adept at writing fast-paced and layered tales across genres.

Contact: @priyreflects

Rashi Roy is an Author, Blogger, YouTuber, and Ex-HR from Infosys. An award-winning short-story writer and has been listed among the Top 25 writers of 2018 by Women’s Web. Interviewed by Juggernaut Publishers for her Hindi writing and by Sheroes for her creative recycling ideas. Recently, her poem was aired on Radio from Washington DC.

She has written articles and poems in English, Hindi and Bengali which are published on various platforms. You can get in touch with her and know more about her work at

Contact: @RoyrashiRR

Rashmi Jain is an explorer by heart who has started on a voyage to self-discovery by means of her writings.

She believes Pen is the most powerful weapon and writing is the purest form of therapy. She is a nature lover and adventure enthusiast who loves to inspire beautiful souls for absolute freedom and real adventure.

Contact: @RASHMI_RJ05

Richa Mukkerjee has been in advertising and in journalism. Richa finally decided to write a book of soul-searing poetry and a few blogs.

Then came her first novel, I Didn’t Expect To Be Expecting, which was a humorous take on pregnancy and the fireworks it brings with it. Her next book, also with Harper Collins and Black Ink Books is due this year. She now lives in Mumbai with her 5-year-old daughter.

Contact: @richashrivas

Rohan Kachalia is an avid reader who loved reading fiction novels and poetry books.

He is an author of the novel ‘The 23rd Girl’ and 2 poetry ebooks titled ‘Annoyed Thieves Amid Darkling Armies’ and ‘Amorous Love at Racy Nights’. He draws inspiration from the ongoings around him and his muse.

Contact: @rohank01

Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer who has won many awards. She had a ten-year successful stint of working in corporate offices in different parts of the world. She is passionate about giving back to society and to aid in shaping the future of India.

She is an author of three published books and writing on her blog is like breathing to her. She has many skill-improvement Courses for writers in her academy.


Romila is an impulsive poetess, writer, author, and blogger. She likes to travel, share ideas with like-minded people and loves to spread happiness around her.

She is a kohl-eyed girl and a coffee addict. She enjoys watching movies, sleeping, and dreaming of honing her culinary skills.

Contact: @romspeaks

Sayan Bhattacharya is a Post-graduate in English Literature from Kolkata, he is a FinTech corporate trainer by profession. As an avid traveler and reader, Sayan’s avocation is writing.

Sayan’s debut novel “Friendship Calling”, was published in 2013, followed by “A Case of Connections” in 2016.

He recently published his third book “Ancient Cities of India” which is his first attempt at re-telling and writing based on history. This book is a compilation of the 26 posts which Sayan had written in the #BlogchatterA2Z 2018 and had initially published as an eBook in the Blogchatter eBook Carnival 2018.  

Contact @Sayan74

Sitharaam Jayakumar or Jai as friends call him is a fifty-something software professional working in the Indian subsidiary of an Australian multi-national.

Reading has been one of his passions since he was ten years old. He put his first poem in a blog and that was how his blog Jai’s Writing Retreat was born.

He has also published two thriller eBooks on Amazon. The first eBook is titled ‘Eighty Hours to Save Karen’ and he wrote this eBook as part of the Ebook Carnival 2018. Since then he has written one more eBook titled ‘The Krishnapur Kidnappings’.

Contact: @SmallFryBlogger

Surbhi Mahobia is a parenting blogger. She is a Masters degree holder in Mass Communication and has worked in the top-notch IT and Textile corporate firms. Her blog “Pretty Mumma Says” is a platform for sharing her journey into parenthood and womanhood.

Surbhi loves reading, makeup, coffee, chocolate, sitcoms of the western world and shoes. She is passionate about writing and always curious to learn about new things. She enjoys reading to her kids and having ‘brainy’ discussions with them every now & then

Contact: @prettymummasays

An intuitive explorer with a penchant for personal growth. A serious dabbler in art and energy sciences. An earnest professional with various roles in the Communications domain. A blogger from heart, an e-book author by chance and currently happens to be the Dean of Miami Ad School Mumbai. Contact: @vaishali178

Prateek Mathur has been a blogger for 10 years and has written fiction, non-fiction and poetry, covering a wide range of topics, from politics to relationships and short stories. 

His ebook Phir Milenge, is a collection of his Hindi poetry that covers a wide range of emotional and sensitive subjects. Prateek treasures the writer in him and the network that he has built because of that.

Contact: @prateekmathur03

Maheshwaran Jothi is a Post-graduate in Microelectronics, currently living & working in a semiconductor MNC in Milan, Italy. He published his maiden book “Know Your Computers in 7 Days” in 2004. Followed by 5 more books, the last one with the help of BlogChatter Ebook Carnival 2018. While his passion for writing resulted in the blog, his second love called travel made him start his travel blog Contact: @MaheshwaraJothi

Smita Pal, an MBA in Finance is a working mom juggling her corporate life with what she calls her average parenting game with her 3 year old. She loves to write, cook, read & share her parenting journey on

Her first book “26 Words” is a collection of short stories which takes a look at few of the serious social issues. The book was first published on Amazon and it’s now all set to make its traditional print debut with a well known publishing house.
Contact: @theavgmom

Lancelot Trevor Quadras is a blogger and a full time content writer.

He realises how important it is to have family and friends. He spends a lot of time on his smartphone but more than that, he likes to spend time with family and friends, listening to their stories and sharing their happiness and sadness.
Contact: @Lanzomaniac

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning digital content creator, who has fronted her blog ‘The Tina Edit’ since 2017 .

She is the author of ‘Soul Sojourn’ (2017) and ‘Bhumi’ (2018). Soul Sojourn tops the ‘Best Ebooks Ever 2017’ on Goodreads. Tina is one of Hyderabad’s Top Literary Bloggers as well as leading Digital Content Creators in Hyderabad.

Her articles regularly feature on India’s leading online platforms like YouthKiAwaaz, Momspresso, Women’s Web, BlogChatter, Indiblogger etc

Tina is the founder of ‘The Write Away Program’, which is a creative writing workshop.
Contact: @tinajsequeira

Nupur is short and likes writing short stuff that packs a punch. Expectedly, she began her career in advertising and is now in content writing. Her friends have branded her frequent blonde moments as Nupurisms. 

She is the author of Insta Gita, a summary of the Bhagavad Gita; with Arjuna’s perspective in poetry. Nupur blogs at
Contact: @nuttynupur

Manas Mukul loves telling stories. He proudly calls himself a ‘Joker’ and blogs at ‘The Contemplation of a Joker’. Last year, he published a compilation under the same name through the Blogchatter EBook Carnival. He blogs on several topics – Personal, Humor, Lifestyle, Travel and Socio-political.
He loves traveling, dancing, acting and above all writing. For bread, he sells IT products and services and for butter, he pursues his passions.
Contact: @manasmukul