It’s festival time again and all you can see around you are colours and more colours, savoury and sweets. The festival of new beginnings, the festival of overcoming obstacles, Ganesh Chaturthi is here. It is a time of success and prosperity, so why not bring some luck to your blog as well?

Invite Riddhi Siddhi to your blog today

  1. Choose a blog post that needs some good fortune.
  2. Link it in the linky here.
  3. Also add it to the Reading List, for some extra modak…we mean sweetness.

Spread the festive spirit around

  1. Share at least four blog posts on Twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight.
  2. Read as many as you’d like. We know you’ve already come across some pretty awesome ones.
  3. Your feedback is important. Make sure you tell people what you thought of their blog.

It is ten days before Ganeshji’s festival is over, but Spotlight Saturday’s festivities last 24 hours. Hurry, get your blog some modak!

Psst…Spotlight is open for everyone, not just #MyFriendAlexa participants.