Creating awesome content is what blogging is majorly about, but we also would love it if our blog showed up on a Google search, if our page views increased and we had a lot more readers enjoying our content. Alexa, the God of blogging is the wonderful tool that helps us keep a track of that. Maintaining a low Alexa rank throughout our blogging journey may seem like a far-fetched idea, but you can get a taste of that experience in our one-month challenge, My Friend Alexa. Yes, a good Alexa rank is every blog’s best friend and golden ticket. It boosts not just your blog’s traffic but your confidence too as a writer and blogger. Manisha says she was clueless about the nuances of blogging until she came across My Friend Alexa and participated in it. Moreover, she was first runner up too!

The Rules are Simple

It is a month-long journey, but the challenge has more reading than writing involved. You will be required to write at least 8 posts the entire month and you will also get the opportunity to read a whole lot of new blogs. This way everyone’s blogs get traffic.

A Wonder Tool

Alexa is a wonder tool that helps you understand what will work for your blog and what won’t. Key word optimization, SEO, and a lot of analytics can be understood if we understand Alexa. This challenge also helped several of us understand the power of reading for every writer and kindled a lamp in our hearts as Swarnali puts it. Blogging is not just about writing, right? It is also about connecting with other bloggers in the community. Richa Mina also tells us through her experience, in detail how participating in My Friend Alexa helped her blog. Finally, Varsha Nitin has few heart warming words to say about Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa and why you, our reader should consider participating in it too!

Registrations for this open in August. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to know more.