Two days to the awesomeness that we started. My Friend Alexa saw more than seventy bloggers signing up and embarking along on an epic journey.

India’s first blogging campaign using Alexa and associated tools saw great highs, made friends that last a lifetime, generated content that held their buzz but most importantly evolved a blogger into his much desired next level.

We know a lot of you missed the campaign by a day or two and we have been ruing this fact but at Blogchatter there is never any dearth of infectious blogging energy. If you couldn’t join the drive to take your alexa to the next level, go ahead and sign up for 31 days of Daily Chatter with us this October.

To our friends who are still fighting their ways to a better alexa you can link your remaining posts for the campaign below. In addition if you have an After party story that you would like to share as a learning from the month that was then you can connect them as well.

Linky will remain open for another week.