This is last week of My Friend Alexa campaign. We cried a bit while typing that.

What a journey it has been ! So many people joined our gang of good friends and so many blogs went up many levels.

When we started sketching the ideas we never thought that all of them would be so wonderfully received. Not even one person have we met who said that the activities were exhausting or that not conducive to their growth.

Ah. We are still teary.

We are going to miss the craziness of this campaign ! And so we have already started working on an exciting idea as a follow up to this.

Watch this space for more !

Do you have it in you? To lift your Alexa to the next level !!

Connect below your posts for week three. Follow a simple rule while doing so: Add your name to the title to make it easier for rest of us to dig you out of the pool ! Also do read your fellow friends in this campaign, increasing the tribe around your own blog.