Seven days of buzz and fun, that is what My Friend Alexa has been for most of us here. Endless learning, exchange of notes and almost every day taking blogs to the next level.

To those who asked us if they can register now (which were quite a few of you!) we are sorry the registrations closed ten days back and now with a week of active plans it is going to be a bit tough to include you in the campaign.

But to those who are on the rollercoaster ride of Better Blogging with us, the next seven days is going to see more hustle and more push from you. Imagine this campaign as a fitness regime, we can suggest you exercise steps but the real power is your grit and passion.

Do you have it in you? To lift your Alexa to the next level !!

Connect below your posts for week two. Follow a simple rule while doing so: Add your name to the title to make it easier for rest of us to dig you out of the pool ! Also do read your fellow friends in this campaign, increasing the tribe around your own blog.

Until next time, take your Alexa Rank to the next level.