Seven days and counting! Isn’t this super awesome for all of you? To commit and to succeed.

We started with staking claim to the challenge. And we moved on to create ripples by ensuring the claim succeeds.

But in this success there is way too much sweetness.

We trended in India on first day for good four hours! But is that our high point? Did we plan to make it big in numbers alone?


At heart, Blogchatter is a community. And this heart pumped more blood in April’s first week.

We found the posts great but interactions and bonds flooding our TL even more amazing.

To honour this bond, this love we decided to introduce a surprise Sunday linky!

Simple things make life more beautiful.

Here it goes! This Sunday:

Highlight three personal favorites from your posts so far.

And spread love by additionally highlighting three bloggers whom you found through the challenge and have come to make them a permanent addition to your reading list!

Sounds easy? And easy comes our ways of love 🙂

So get going! We will keep this linky open only for a week. Because you never know what happens next Sunday right? *wink wink*

Get going! Remove those thinking hats for a while and get your love hats on!


Have you found that someone in blogging community? 🙂