We are traveling at speed of light when it comes to A To Z Challenge. It is heart warming to see so many of you blog daily and read so many of your fellow bloggers. Power to all of you.

A simple question that gets asked around a lot is ‘Who is a blogger’. It should be as simple as someone who ‘blogs’.

But today’s world is very dynamic and along with it definitions of blogging or social is also changing. Evolving.

A few years back if someone asked a fellow : Do you blog? Answer would be as simple as ‘Yeah sometimes’.

Contrast it with today and even that sometimes is probably a 24 x 7 bracket. In such cases what should be an ideal reply?

I am a full time blogger.

Yes ! Stop discounting yourself, please. Look at this challenge today. You are probably barely sleeping or eating and even then the work of internet never gets done. We know it is all fun but then it is also time consuming.

So we at Blogchatter encourage all bloggers to look at blogging as a full time profession. Look at blogging as a startup. Better still look at it like a source of employment.

This completely changes perspective. And believe us, try for a few days and your entire way of looking at things will evolve.

Why do we say that there is nothing like a ‘part time blogger’?

1 You are thinking about blogging all the time

2 You are planning posts all the time

3 You are tweeting a lot (all?) of the time

4 You are promoting your blog all the time


Sit back and read these lines again. Does that sound like you? Then there you are- a full time blogger for one and all from today.

Another idea is to look at your blog as a startup.

1 You create your own product= content

2 You are your own Chief Marketing Officer

3 You are your own Legal team= copyrighting

4 You are your own Finance guy= Monetisation

5 You are your blog’s everything

The moment you begin to watch these steps as a way of business your ideas evolve, perspectives change and before you know it you have a dream run for you and your blog !

So next time you have a thought that goes ‘Not a full time blogger’ do a dry run of these steps in your head 🙂

Around the challenge we have built up a rather interesting festival as well called the Blogchatter Writing Festival– celebrating the blogger to author journey.

Did we say author?

Oh wait. Have you not seen last year’s post challenge Blogchatter Ebook carnival? Championed by Chitra Divakaruni we received twenty six ebooks during the month of May all self-published by our community members.

This time we have eight popular authors who are coming along as part of our mentor program for festival, taking up special twitter chats and facebook live sessions to further your publishing dream. Read more here: Blogchatter Writing Festival

As part of Festival we will once again be opening our portals for your self-published ebooks (in case you choose to convert your April blogging challenge into one). You can ping us here or anywhere you find us for queries, etc.

This month we will also be taking up the #AtoZChallenge with you. Celebrating better blogging across platforms through our theme:

Blogging Ethics

Add your post below in the linky and take a deep dive into the sea of blogs that gets connected with us ! You can also add your link to our Blogchatter Reading List– Discover more blogs and get discovered !