Over the last few months we have received an overwhelming response to our chat sessions over at twitter. And the engagement saw us considering making an input to the offline interactions as well.

What started as a charming idea in beginning of interacting through a google hangout, soon saw us paving way to creating an offline space for ourselves.

Bingo! Blogchatter Classes was born.

Blogchatter classes is our campaign where we visit cities across the country, meeting people everywhere and sharing with them our idea of blogging. In turn carrying back with us their own ways of looking at blogosphere.

The response has been phenomenal. While before we are thinking of touching base only at metros the emails from different parts of the country is seeing us increase our itinerary each day.

Workshop creative

At Blogchatter Classes we have a set curriculum where we touch upon following topics through means of lectures, discussions and yes activities.

1.Finding your voice on blog through Mojo Content

2. Understanding basic statistics and numbers related to your blog

3. Social media and blogging

4. How to ace your Alexa rank

5. Community Vs Silos in Blogging

We have discovered that most of these sessions though pegged at two hours always flow way beyond three on many good days.

You can check our schedule to see when we are visiting your city through our events tab. We will keep on updating it as and when we gain clarity on the dates and venues from our end. In case you wish to ensure your city is added to the list, drop us an email or give us a shout out over at twitter.

You can read further about the workshops below:

Blogchatter Classes Delhi (to be updated later)