What’s a steaming hot cup of chai without some Parle-G? They go together like bees and flowers, the sea and the shore, Laurel and Hardy,  idli and sambhaar, chai and pakoras, chai and chai…err you get the picture.

You know what else goes together? Your blog post and some love!  Blogchatter brings to you Spotlight Saturday for exactly this reason.

How to get some Parle G-chai wala love?

Step 1- Make a cuppa chai

Step 2 – Select a blog post of yours that sure needs some chai dipping

Step 3- Link it in the linky below and also add it to the Reading List for extra chai…we mean love


Chai-biscuit tastes best when shared.

Step 1 – Share at least four posts on Twitter with the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight

Step 2 – Read some fellow members’ posts, we are sure you will find many to your taste

Step 3 – Feedback is always great. Don’t hold back on that.

Parle-G gets soggy and sinks into chai within seconds. But we give you more time – 24 hours before this sinks! So don’t wait, link up now.