A simple yes, brings a smile, lifts up the spirit. Brings a revolution, a transformation , can change a life. And when it’s a yes that is as pretty as a present wrapped up in a pink bow with glitter & glam – who can say no?

Isn’t French the most beautiful language in the world? The French make even the most banal things sound gorgeous by rolling them in their mouth and sipping on them leisurely like an old wine.

That’s ‘Oui’ , French for ‘Yes’ for you. You feel the way one says something actually makes or breaks what is being said?

Share a story , or something as pretty with the alphabet theme O . We’d love to hear it and go ‘Oui’ that sounds nice !

Add your links and have fun all through the day reading your fellows. You need any help or assistance of any kind, ping us here or anywhere you can locate us 🙂