Do you know that more than 20 % social posts online, brim with negative emotions?

But do you know that it is a proven fact, positive news shared by an individual has most chances to go viral online.

Yes, being positive is contagious !

We at Blogchatter, given our everyday interactions online, believe that if we have the strength of our community members on our side we can start a movement. We can create a wave of positivity online.

It only takes a spark to get the fire going.

And today we launch this spark !

Postitweety- Good News Hashtag Network 


Bringing together a range of news, ideas and even personal events on this hashtag network- we at Blogchatter want to change the internet for better. Ha! Quite a task, we say 😀

But with you on our side nothing is impossible. So how can you contribute? 

1 You can start a series on your blog around Good News and use hashtag to share. We will send it across social media profiles, newsletters, everything- We will make you a STAR !

2 You can use the hashtag while sharing good news on the internet– personal or otherwise. We will share it through our social handles.

3 You can send us ideas on how we can improve this concept (you know we thrive on ideas !)

4 You can help us get a word out there. Anything would do. Help the cause ! Share this post or ask people to use hashtag or talk about us (online or offline).

We need your support in making this world a better place.