Content is content.

We at Blogchatter have been trying to build on the idea that any content churned by a user on blog or on social media is important from the point of view of his or her brand. We encourage our community members to internalise this point through various chat session, impromptu discussions and now a dedicated half an hour slot every Monday at 9.30 PM IST.

Tune in to #MicroBlog every Monday 9.30 PM IST for fun and lots of conversations.

This is in addition to our full fledged #Blogchatter chat session every Wednesday 8.30 PM IST! 

When nearly forty five people signed up for AtoZChallenge through us, we decided to encourage them to take one step ahead with their content.

26 posts can be a lot of work and keeping them time stamped is irrelevant.

So off we went into our thinking hole and out came an idea.


It is a well know fact that daily challenges year after year help bloggers produce a lot of amazing ebooks. Some of these go on to become published works of more serious nature.

We started discussing the idea of ebooks with bloggers and outside experts to fine tune our campaign further.

This 15th May we will be launching our first ever


*doing a happy dance*

Who or what can be a part of this carnival?

If you own an existing ebook, you can enlist it with us.

—If you have a ready Amazon/other enlisting link then that can be placed up on our website.

—If not then we can upload your book on our own website (or your own blog) and offer it as a ready link to all.

If you are a blogger who feels their content (especially if you have completed a daily challenge) can be converted into an ebook, we will assist you in the process and enlist it for you.

What will these listings do?

Every person who enlists his or her ebook with us has to necessarily pick three ebooks (apart from his/her own) and review them on their blog. If you add goodreads reviews, tweets/spread on facebook about these three- that will be additional and more than welcome!

But please note three reviews in exchange of an enlisting needs to be up on your blog!

To enlist your ebook, you can drop us an email at [email protected] with following details:

Ebook link (or pdf for us to list)

A short bio of author

A short intro to book

And voila we will start collating all these details and make them available on our website starting 15th May! Submissions for ebooks close on 21st May.

Campaign will be officially launched on 15th May! 

Blogchatter Ebook Carnival

Please ensure that all ebooks are available to our readers/members for free. In case there is a price involved, we will look forward to some form of coupon arrangement where are readers can avail it for free. Please cooperate with this!

If you think you need us to provide more info or clarity, we are very nice people ping us here or on twitter to receive supersonic response from our side!