When we think of blogging and successful blogs, we think it’s only specific niches that can succeed – parenting, lifestyle, food, fashion, and blogs that teach other bloggers how to blog!

But this isn’t necessarily true.

Another common misconception is that we think we need to niche down and narrow our focus to gain an audience. This can be particularly problematic for those of us with wide ranging interests, because we tend to want to talk about so many different things!

Luckily for us, this also is a common misconception and isn’t necessarily true.

You most certainly can create an impact with a very different kind of niche, and even with no niche, though this can be a tad tricky.

For most of my blogging journey, I’ve had a blog without a niche. I’ve written on diverse topics and taken meandering detours, allowing my blog to be a reflection of my own personal journey through life. Through all the detours my blog has gone through, I’ve had my share of readers and followers. It’s only more recently that I’ve honed in on the areas that I tend to focus on most – art, tarot, and soulful living/spirituality.

So how do you create impact in these offbeat niches?

I think it has to do with following your passion and interests. Impact on smaller niches comes from sharing your journey; your excitement about what you are doing and learning.

For me, the impact I want to create with my art is to inspire more and more people to play with paint – I think it’s the biggest stress buster there is! To that end, I am creating impact by sharing tips, techniques, tutorials; I recently created a mini art journal ecourse {which I hope will be the first of many}; and wrote an ebook on Art Journaling, which is available to my newsletter subscribers.

My other big passion is tarot. It’s a much misunderstood tool, especially in India. I am working on slowly changing that – on educating people about the true power of the tarot as a guidance system. Here, too, I created a tarot ecourse for complete beginners to give them a taste of how they can use tarot in their daily lives.

Because truly, this is what impact really is. Empowering your readers; bringing them into your world; sharing your knowledge and resources. Even one life that is positively impacted by your work, it is a win in my book!

So, let’s create some impact in the areas that are close to your heart, shall we?