A lot has been said about community and engagement around your blog. Do you know that both can be achieved simply by apt commenting.

If we are discussing Blogging Ethics then we cannot miss ‘commenting’ as one of the critical means of engagement around a post.

Lets take a quick dipstick check on commenting then !

1 Skimming is acceptable but ‘good post’ isn’t

Most bloggers will accept (perhaps not very openly) that a lot of the reading is carried out through skimming. And it is okay. With an aggressively packed schedules and consistent need to read blogs, skimming is almost an unintentional reaction to reading today. And yet a ‘good post’ on any blog is not acceptable. Even while skimming there can be ways to connect to an essence of the post and comment accordingly.

Fact Check: “Good post” is not lack of in depth reading but lack of intent.

2 Refrain from foul language

We cannot even believe we are typing that. As much as you want to react a comment on blog can be carried out with any abuse or bad words. Simply navigate your thoughts constructively without losing the essence of critique.

3 Avoid dropping your blog links

While in a daily blogging challenge such as A To Z challenge we encourage bloggers to add their blog link in signature, at all other times this can be avoided. In case you do want the blogger to reach back to you add your link in the following format:

<a href=”blog url”>Your name</a>

This is subtle and not overreaching in the comments section of another blogger.

4 Look at your comment an extension of the content piece

We at Blogchatter have been promoting an idea “Content converses with Content” and best example of this phenomenon is visible in comments section of a blog. While commenting on a fellow blogger’s piece try and see that your comment adds value to the entire post and makes it even more useful to all future readers that come visiting

As you can see, a comment on a blog is not only an invite to the host blogger but also all his or her future readers who will be exposed to your thoughts on that page. Hence commenting is a serious business which combines ethics as well as networking in blogging.

Around the challenge we have built up a rather interesting festival as well called the Blogchatter Writing Festival– celebrating the blogger to author journey.

Did we say author?

Oh wait. Have you not seen last year’s post challenge Blogchatter Ebook carnival? Championed by Chitra Divakaruni we received twenty six ebooks during the month of May all self-published by our community members.

This time we have eight popular authors who are coming along as part of our mentor program for festival, taking up special twitter chats and facebook live sessions to further your publishing dream. Read more here: Blogchatter Writing Festival

As part of Festival we will once again be opening our portals for your self-published ebooks (in case you choose to convert your April blogging challenge into one). You can ping us here or anywhere you find us for queries, etc.

This month we will also be taking up the #AtoZChallenge with you. Celebrating better blogging across platforms through our theme:

Blogging Ethics

Add your post below in the linky and take a deep dive into the sea of blogs that gets connected with us ! You can also add your link to our Blogchatter Reading List– Discover more blogs and get discovered !