Of course, we Love Page views – who doesn’t? We also love overnight success and viral content!

But Rome was not built in one day and who knows it better than a Blogger. We bloggers, strive each day to brush up our marketing skills, put our best content forward and then pray for some readers to discover our awesomeness!

But in this attempt to discover readers, we at Blogchatter have decided to hand hold you through our popular community reading track

Blogchatter Reading List

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In continuation of the same discussion as above, we wish to draw your attention to another point.

One of our Blogchatter Polls revealed that for Better Blogging, the ratio of time spent in reading and writing for a blogger should be as below:

So the path to becoming a kick-ass blogger is routed through lots of reading and community love. Hence we feel that while Blogchatter Reading List is the perfect go-to location for putting your writing to go in, it also doubles up as a great one-stop solution to discover a ready Reading List – that can aid in 70 % of quality reading.

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