Lots of exciting events have been happening at Blogchatter lately. We had some super engaging workshops on vlogging this August. We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to blogging and this campaign was no different.

We all love vlogs, but making our own is a little intimidating for newbies. Facing a camera with confidence and speaking boldly can be challenging but not impossible. Siddhartha Mishra, a TV anchor who anchored the 2014 T20 and 2015 cricket world cup conducted a workshop on just that and showed us how easy it can be.

Akash Banerjee is the creator and host of a political satire web series. He gave us insight on how to live stream videos on YouTube, which is a hot topic these days. Live streaming videos brings more subscribers to your channel said Akash. We also learnt the importance of video vs text, maintaining the quality of audio and video, the various platforms available…all of these at a nominal cost. He even told us how we can shoot a good video with just a phone camera! The popular myth that not all can make a video was broken after this workshop.

Audio is important, we cannot stress this enough. A trained voice telling a story makes a huge difference in the impact it has on the audience. A radio and television presenter, and voice artist, Prateek Sharma talked to us all about voice and how to train it. He told us about the best recording practices out there and how we can use them to create magnetic content. His workshop was full of tips and tricks on how to modulate your voice, how to prepare for a job and more.

Making a video is definitely about the quality content, but there are technical aspects involved too, right? Choosing the right gadgets, apps, production, etc. Kartik Nijhawan, a multimedia journalist and podcaster decoded this for us in the simplest possible way. With his workshop the technical bit of YouTubing was made clear.

Then we had Saumya Kulshreshtha a writer and poetess with a flair for languages take us into the territory of spoken word poetry. She mesmerized us with her demonstration of how to go about spoken word. This was a beautiful end to the amazing workshops at #LightsCameraChatter.

But wait! Was that all? No! Lights Camera Chatter also came with a contest. Doesn’t that add to the fun? Although it was a vlogging workshop, the contest was for written entries. Our community sent in stories, poetry, incidents from their lives, extracts from their books and a lot more. August 17th saw the grand finale of Lights Camera Chatter and it a big hit with all our winners performing their pieces on camera. It was a literary wonder live at Blogchatter, we must say!

The month long vlogging workshops saw a lot of buzz and excitement in the community and we hope to keep bringing you more such workshops and campaigns in the future. Cheers!