Once upon a time, I found a magical world which was as bright as the sun. The world where words made things happen and you could be whatever you want. It was the world of blogging.

I was introduced to blogging in 2010 by my friend who used to write regularly. I was fresh out of college, enjoying vacations before joining my job. Blogging seemed like a good idea where I could express my views and help change the world, word by word.

I started my journey with a free Blogspot account. Only a few friends and family members knew about it since I was unaware of how to publicize my blog or maybe I was hesitant. What started as a hobby was soon put on a back burner and was eventually forgotten.

My blogging journey has been an on and off affair, which was rekindled in June 2015. This time I was firm in my decision and wanted to take up blogging seriously. By then, the blogging scenario had drastically changed. There were so much technical jargon involved like blog monetization, Adsense, SEO, ranking, etc. that I realized I had to do research if I wanted to establish myself in the blogging world.

Choosing the right blogging platform 

I already had an experience of working on Blogspot platform and needed to experiment with other free blogging platforms before moving to a self-hosted blog. I chose WordPress which is user-friendly and easy to customize. After almost a year with a free WordPress account, I decided to own my space in the internet arena. Thus, my self-hosted blog came into existence in August 2016.

Deciding a niche for blogging

As far as I had read, it was better to have a niche for your blog. Well, I am a wanderer, so my niche was travelling. Travelling has added more stories and lessons to my life than my education has. Over time, I started penning down my thoughts on a wide range of topics including food, relationship, and fiction. It’s good to have a niche but there is nothing wrong in exploring your options.

Community building and finding an audience

You can be a good writer but without a community, you are a loner. The community acts as your support system which helps you grow and motivates you to write when you want to stop. I have been fortunate to join blogging communities like Blogchatter, where you find like-minded people and can grow together. Little sharing and caring can work wonders. Over the last year, I have grown by participating in blogging challenges like DailyChatter, MyFriendAlexa, and BlogchatterA2Z.

Blog Monetization

When I started writing, I dreamt of being the next J.K. Rowling and earning billions with my blog. Secretly, we all wish for the same! It takes patience and lots of hard work. The highlight of my blogging career was winning vouchers for an online writing competition. Then, the second best thing was doing a brand campaign for what I believe in.

I have come far from when I had started my blogging journey, but there is still a lot left that I wish to achieve. My bog is my brainchild which needs constant pampering to help it grow. Over the last year when times were tough, my blog has been my escape route. To conclude, I leave you with the words of Robert Frost and hope we all continue blogging and reach new heights!

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.