The first Facebook Live Session of Blogchatter Writing Festival Season 2 was on 9th March with the very dynamic Rickie Khosla, the author of Pretty.Vile.Girl. published by Bloomsbury in 2018. Rickie, a prolific blogger, made the successful transition to being a published writer and it was this journey that he discussed with the community.

When asked how his writing journey began, he said that he had always been interested in writing but the actual journey only began about 5 years ago when he started to blog. The idea of starting his blog was to figure out what and how he wanted to write. He believes that blogging provided him the perfect opportunity to hone his craft.

And this provided the perfect segue for the next question on how he dealt with the shift from blogging to writing a full-length novel. We loved what he said next, “Blogging helps you learn your writing style, helps you hone your craft, and even learn grammar. Moreover, it helps you write regularly. Get into the rhythm of writing.”

Rickie did not stop here! He had more praise to shower over how blogging helped him create a community and network of like-minded people – people who have now turned into friends and who understand how difficult it is to actually write. It was this network and understanding he tapped into once he had published his book.

Rickie’s inspiration to write his novel Pretty.Vile.Girl came from his love for spy and mystery pop thrillers. He grew up reading Sidney Sheldon, and wanted to know what a desi Sidney Sheldon would read like. The feature of writing a story with principal characters having the same names excited him and he put it up as a challenge to himself to write a novel he would love to read.

Rickie was also extremely candid about the challenges he faced when approaching the publishers. It’s true that patience is a virtue because one has to be patient when contacting publishers. He emphasized how one has to be ready to get rejected many times.

He also mentioned that a literary agent could help you gain entry into the main door of a publishing house, as they are extremely well-connected.

He provided further insight into the publishing process and patience-as-virtue by saying that even though Bloomsbury decided to publish his work in 2016; it still took a year of work before it was ready to hit the printing press. Here’s where he highlighted the role of a good editor. A good editor will point out things in your story which you might not realize yourself. They will challenge you and your writing. Trusting the editor and the fact they know what they’re saying is even more important.

He also stressed that before sending out your work make sure it is the best work that you can write. Rickie ended the chat on the note, “When you spend some time with your writing, the richness is something you cannot fake.”

To hear the entire video, click here.

The Journey of Blogging to Published Author Facebook Live with Rickie Khosla was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under this. You can screenshot the below schedule: