Search Engine Optimization or SEO is probably the most widely used term but one that new bloggers struggle with. So let’s start with the most obvious question: why do we need SEO?

The simple answer is to help your blog/website get readers. To help it get discovered not just in your social premises but across the world. SEO helps you get an audience who is interested in reading your content.

Now the next obvious question is: how do we do SEO?

And we bring you a bag full of golden nuggets from Malhar on SEO strategies:


SEO helps your blog/website rank in Google search results. Your blog will rank when a reader spends time on your site. And he will stay on your site only when he finds your content interesting. So, the first thumb rule is to write rich content. If your content has your voice it will find readers no matter what. Trust your content. In fact, some plugins like Yoast (used for managing SEO) have a minimum limit as 300 words, but it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes, blog posts below 300 gets good traffic while 1000 words posts don’t rank at all. So, never limit yourself or your content.

Google Keyword Planner

Use Google Keyword Planner. Though earlier this was available for all, now you have to make an account on Google Adwords to use it. So, make an account, skip the billing section to reach the main page and access the keyword planner. Keywords are an essential feature of SEO as these help readers find your content. So, if a post has good and appropriate keywords it will rank. But, make sure you do not stuff the post with keywords. Write smart.

Also, adding long tail keywords in your content will increase its potential to reach the appropriate reader. For instance, ‘Easy recipe for Pav Bhaji’ OR ‘Quick Pav Bhaji Recipe in 20 mins’ instead of ‘Pav Bhaji recipe’.

SEMrush is one site where you can search for keywords other than Google Keyword Planner. SEMrush also gives you synonyms of the keywords the other websites in your niche are using. 


Another key element is backlinks. Always work towards getting quality backlinks instead of quantity. Seek out renowned websites in your niche and write guest posts for them (read their guidelines on this). Guest posts provide backlinks to your website and visitors who see this link on a known site will surely drop by your website, resulting in quality traffic for you.

Mobile Optimized

In this era of smartphones, it is imperative that your website is mobile optimized. Optimize your website for all devices. Search for mobile optimization plugins, install it, and you are good to go.

There is a lot to the world of SEO. But, for starters, if you keep these points always in mind you can achieve desired results in due time. Let me add that SEO takes time. So, don’t get impatient. Your work is to write quality content backed with these strategies and trust me, you will see the difference with time.