Ho ho ho! Have you been good bloggers? Yes? Well then you deserve a Christmas present!

It is that time of the year ladies and gentlemen when community once again comes together to spread the Christmas cheer. But, but, but, 2019’s #SantaChatter comes with a twist, oh yes it does.


What is #SantaChatter?

It is our way of participating in the lovely tradition of sending and receiving gifts this Christmas.

What do you have to do?

Register first and we’ll then pair you up with your Santee to whom you have to send a gift.

What’s the twist in 2019?

Gifting is an art, and in the days of yore we used to go to stores to handpick these gifts before wrapping them up and putting them under a Christmas tree. Thanks to Amazon, that has changed. But we want to change it back!

We want you to not send Amazon gift vouchers or goodies through an e-commerce website. What we want you to do is:

  1. Pick a book that you own, which means something to you (and you’re okay to part with it as well).
  2. Add a handwritten note on why you’re sending this book to your Santee.
  3. Don’t forget to add other details like you name, Twitter handle, etc. so your Santee knows who their Santa is.

And viola, you’re done!

Things to remember

  1. It should be a book you own/have read that you’re passing on to your Santee. Don’t forget to add that little note.
  2. Only residents of India can participate.
  3. The last date to send gifts to your Santee is 19th December (so plan accordingly! Don’t keep ’em waiting)
  4. To keep the fun alive – do not reveal your name before sending the gift – add those details in the note.
  5. Once you receive the gift, post a picture and share the joy with us by tagging Blogchatter and using the hashtag #SantaChatter
  6. The book should be in good condition as a respect to your Santee.

Disclaimer: In the spirit of keeping the cheer alive, if you are registering, you are agreeing to the responsibility of sending a gift to the person you receive as a Santee. And while we will do our very best to ensure that every registered member follows through, Blogchatter is not responsible if you don’t receive a gift even when you have sent one due to your Santa’s forgetfulness.