It’s Saturday and you probably have plans with your friends…you’re all set for the weekend, you got yourself a fantastic treat. Now why not treat your blog post with some love too?! Your blog deserves it after all the hard work you put in. Spotlight is hot on Saturday at Blogchatter and the entry is free (unless you count the rules below). Time for your blog to party hard!

How can I enter?
1. The password is “Open Sesame.” Naah just kidding! Choose any blog post of yours that needs a treat
2. Link it in the linky below
3. Adding your post in the Blogchatter Reading List is a good idea for some extra attention.

How can I reciprocate?
1. Share atleast 4 blogposts on Twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
2. Treat yourself with some amazing reads
3. Comment and express your opinion. Just the way your post needs treats, others’ need them too!

This linky is open only for 24 hours. The Spotlight fever is spreading, you better catch it too!

PS: Do remember to follow ‘how can I reciprocate’ – it’s no fun if you don’t read and only link up.