We have entered the second week of Blogchatter’s Writing Festival and there is so much more to come! Join us over this weekend to brush up your writing skills and get inches closer to that author dream with following sessions:


What: Twitter chat on ‘how to write a psychological thriller’

When: 8.30 PM

Who: Sutapa Basu is an author, editor, poet and publishing consultant. She won the first position for writing a short story in the genre of mythological-fiction in 2017 TOI Write India Season 1. Her book, Dangle, is a psychological thriller and the session will be on how to find inspiration for writing one. Join the conversation to learn tips and tricks to engage the readers till the very end.


What: Facebook Live session on ‘process of writing’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: Siddhartha Gigoo is a novelist, short story writer, anthologist, and filmmaker.  His short story, The Umbrella Man, won the Commonwealth Short Story Prize (2015) for Asia. Tune in to the live session as he discusses his process to writing an award winning story.

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What: Twitter chat on ‘writing for different mediums’

When: 8.30 PM

Who: If you want to master the art of writing for different mediums, then Anand Neelakantan is the best person to answer your queries. He is a novelist, columnist and story consultant for TV serials. The twitter chat will focus on how each medium is different from another and how to shape your writing style to suit them.


What: Facebook Live on ‘genres – importance of sticking to one’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: Chitra Divakaruni’s writings are often inspired by where she lives. India and her culture, history and traditions make have been a continuously recurring theme in her literature. As a writer, if you have ever wondered how important is a genre and how do you find one that suits you, this is a must attend session.

Set reminder here: https://www.facebook.com/blogchatter/videos/599408647065486/

Hope to see you all for these action-packed and fun-filled learning sessions!

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