And just like that we are onto the last week of Blogchatter Writing Festival! Time sure does fly when you are having fun, doesn’t it?

Picked up like hot cakes, a one of it’s kind online literary festival, it has seen a huge participation across our social media channels. For our last week we bring to you an eclectic set of authors, critic and publisher who will give you more insights into the world of writing.


What: Twitter Chat on ‘Fiction Vs Non-Fiction Writing’

When: 8.30 PM

Who: She writes on topical issues revolving around gender, sexuality, feminism, and parenting. As she says it herself, choosing a genre is a death of creativity, Kiran has sailed effortlessly through writing both fiction and non-fiction genres. Gain nuggets of wisdom, marketing tips and more this Friday.


What: Facebook Live Session on ‘Documenting the Journey of Being Single’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s 4th novel ‘Status Single’ has outshone all others. It’s not been an easy journey for her or rather it never is if you’re a single woman in India after crossing 30. Hear her journey of being and surviving as a single woman in our society, the process of interviewing 3000 women and how that eventually converted into a book.

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What: Twitter chat on ‘How to Critique Someone’s Work’

When: 8.30 PM

Who: Baradwaj Rangan is a movie critic and the senior editor of Film Companion (South). He has also won a National Film Award for Best Film Critic in 2006. Join him as he tells us the dos and don’ts of reviewing and why it is important to your creative process.


What: Facebook Live Session on ‘The Publishing Industry & What Readomania Offers’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: Having worked in the consulting industry for around eight years, Dipankar Mukherjee dropped everything to pursue his love and passion for writing and reading and hence was born Readomania. Get a closer look at the publishing industry and how Readomania is helping aspiring writers realize their dreams.

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