The Blogchatter Writing Festival has been going great so far! Join us as we meet with more amazing authors this week who will guide us budding writers by teaching us what they have learnt through their journey.


What: Twitter chat on ‘stages of being a successful author’

When: 8.30 PM

Who:  It may surprise you, but Chitra’s author journey began with self-publishing. Someone who considers herself to be an entrepreneur / writer, her session will help you rethink your dreams, redefine what success means and how to keep your feet firmly on the ground as you allow your head to soar in the sky.


What: Facebook Live session on ‘my journey to being a published author’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: As bloggers and struggling writers, one of the questions on our minds is always to know what it is like to be published…a sneak peak into the whole process. Satisfy that yearning as Kanchana discusses the process of getting her debut novel ‘A Forgotten Affair’ published and what comes next.

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What: Twitter chat on ‘juggling full-time job with novel writing’

When: 8.30 PM

Who: Rickie Khosla’s began his career in market research and then decided to take a well-earned break. Pretty Vile Girl is his first full length novel. This session is a must for people with full-time jobs who have dreams of becoming a writer and are looking for real tips on how to do it all.


What: Facebook Live session on ‘juggling publishing, consulting and writing’’

When: 9.30 PM

Who: Sutapa Basu is an Indian author most known for her works Dangle and Padmavati. She was the editor of Chronicles of Urban Nomads, Crossed and Knotted, Rudraksha – When Gods Came Calling and a contributor to Defiant Dreams and When They Spoke. As someone who has seen both sides of the coin, her session is one you do not want to miss!

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