A phrase that is supposedly just gibberish ‘sco pa tu manaa’ has found a trending place now on Twitter. Who says you can’t get famous through nothing, yet something?

If you search this phrase on Twitter, you can find completely random posts with this caption and people responding like it’s totally normal. Like every curious person, we naturally tried to find out where it originated. It seems to have been first used in the video of a Ghanaian singer Kawouila Biov. The rest is history?

The video soon went viral and people started filming themselves singing the lyrics. That of course became a meme, because that’s what we internet folks do with catchy lyrics. This got ragingly famous that the next best thing to do would be to give it a name – ‘The Scopamanaa Challenge.

But the question remains – What.Does.It.Mean? If nothing, it is just one more addition to the Twitter dictionary! This phrase has been re-christened by Twitter to mean “What is your opinion on this?” We all like to give our opinion on just about anything under the sun, especially if it is on the internet so this is cool/strange. But why not just use plain English and not gibberish? Er, because we can.

Has this been of any use at all? It sparked interest at first definitely, and people were very interested to know what this phrase that they see every second tweet on their feed means. Like every meme, it confused some, annoyed some and entertained some.

sco pa tu manaa
Even Mr. Bean is confused

The Urban dictionary beautifully describes this phrase as a Zambian word which says that one should express their opinion on a particular subject. How we see it is, it’s a reminder to to voice our opinion and speak our heart.

So whether it’s just gibberish, or something else entirely, it sure did make us pause and wonder. Sco Pa Tu Manaa?