Daily Blogging Challenges. 

One of the core values of better blogging is to carry out rigorous exercises on our strategies and ideas every now and then and to cross check them with numbers or readers engaged. 

As most of you are aware, we at Blogchatter have always recommended that every blogger must undertake a daily blogging challenge for thirty days at least twice a year to remain in touch with their content and content curation strategies.

Ultimate Blogging Challenge has been one of those novel ideas internationally where bloggers from across the globe connected by the common spirit of better blogging embark on a thirty day daily blogging challenge.

It starts 1st October and ends 31st October. Through completion of 31 posts in month of October a blogger can stake its claim to completion of a challenge successfully.

Since a few from the community staked their claim to it and discussed the idea with us, we thought to extend our support to the idea under the gambit of our regular track especially created for daily blogging challenges i.e Daily Chatter.

Do read this post on Daily Chatter by us to gain better insight into the whys, whats of the idea itself.

If you think you are game for a daily blogging challenge then do add your blog link below and we will subsequently start sending you emailers on the next to-dos ! 

Until next time, keep taking your blog to the next level.

daily chatter