Social media is an ever changing platform and as such their trends are always tentative. Even so, as bloggers, we need to keep up with the fast pace. We have gathered a few golden treasures that might help you begin 2019 in a way that is sure to lead you to success.

  • What’s your ROI

Marketing of course is one aspect nobody stops talking about. If you want your brand to be heard, seen and talked about, you need to get to the bottom of marketing but not the old way anymore. Email marketing and advertisements are getting cold these days. It is time to move to more strategic techniques. What exactly are the returns we get on investing? It needn’t just be in terms of money. Is the time and effort you put into your business actually giving you something in return? Are your ROI’s satisfactory to you?

  • Do numbers make the world go round?

Numbers are important when it comes to building a brand. As much as quality over quantity is emphasized, people do notice numbers. The trend of fake followers and bots is sure to be broken as social media has already begun its crackdown. When investing, it is better to invest in influencers that can really give a solid ROI. After all, it is the ROI which actually tells you how well your business is doing, and not the number of followers.

  • Say hello to video

Did you know that video content is going to dominate social media in 2019, with 80% of consumed content being videos? Of course, it goes without saying that YouTube has dominated Facebook and Instagram.  Time to go live guys?

  • Golden time for bloggers

Social media infuencers have created so much impact that their posts are seen by more people than ad makers could even imagine.  When you are a micro influencer with even less following than 10k, the effect you have is even stronger because the people who engage with you are genuinely interested in your content.

  • Be the change you want to see in the world

We have a lot of reformers offline making positive changes towards our society. But can you do the same online? Taking up a social cause and supporting it, especially as a micro influencer, you can reach more people than you can think of.

  • Being present

Timeliness! As simple as it sounds, real-time communication is trending. Instant replies, quick solutions, people want everything now! Be awake because social media never sleeps. There is always someone somewhere out there looking for exactly what you post. So make sure it’s worth it.

  • Thought leadership

Anyone can be a thought leader. Find out your area of expertise and create unique content around it. Sure you’ve got to talk about your brand, but your main focus should be on bringing value to your readers by educating them, and sharing new ideas. Be consistent in what you do: only then will you create impact and only then will you become an established thought leader.

Finally, do not limit yourself. Always be willing to try new things for your brand and business. Trends come and go, impact stays.