And… It’s back. Your very own Blogchatter Spotlight! Let’s get some extra love to your blog posts. Let’s shower it with attention. So, link up a blog post you think can do great with some love and dig in some amazing posts to give your mind and soul the much-needed nutrition. You know the drill. If not, then get onboard.

The linky remains open for 24 hours only! Hurry!


How can you participate?

  1. Pick a blog post which fits the bill.
  2. The post should have been written between 21st April and 27th April.
  3. Link in the linky below.

How can you reciprocate?

  1. Share at least 4 posts from the linky on twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read as many posts as you want to. Dig in.
  3. Comment. Always feels good to read your work being appreciated.

To gain more readers, adding your link to Blogchatter Reading List is a good idea.

Nobody ever lost anything by giving, so keep supporting each other and spreading love in the community. Like we say, a little linky goes a long way!

Don’t forget, this linky is open to all, you needn’t be an A2Z participant for this.