There are various ways to showcase your literary creativity and “Spoken Word” is the oldest of them all. That was the topic we discussed on last week’s twitter chat fondly known as the “Prime Time of Twitter.”

In our first question, we asked our community members to define “spoken word” in their own words, “After all a little guessing surely sharpeths the mind.” *says my inner narcissist*

Podcasts kinda fall under spoken word, but true spoken word is performing in front of a live audience, where engaging the audience is done solely through the content and a speaker’s ability to mesmerize and deliver with their voice.

On an interesting side note inspired by Dr. Basu’s tweet, some parents actually offer silver tongues to goddess Saraswati in the hopes their son/daughter who hasn’t started talking yet is blessed with the gift of speech!

Moving on, we asked our community for their favourite spoken word artist (if any). Eminem was a surprise inclusion but it is true that hip-hop (rap) is considered as “Spoken Word.”

Speaking in front of an audience requires immense practice and stage fright is always a cause for concern so naturally some people answered in the negative when asked if they see themselves performing their written content on stage.

Yes scary indeed, I always made sure I was the last one to audition to make sure all the important roles were given to someone else! Stage fright is a legit concern guys.

Two words “same pinch.” But but, here are other perspectives:

Coming to the all important ‘what do you say’ while speaking on stage, here’s what community had to say. If you ask me, the script needs to be prepared beforehand and with a lot of thought!

And no Blogchatter chat can end without the two most important questions – how long should spoken word be for and does it help with brand building. For Q5, everyone agreed it could be as little as 1 minute and as long as 1 hour, as long as you have something to say *nods head vigorously in agreement*

What Harjeet said sounds wonderful – to be loud in content but not in voice. I will definitely give this a try!

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