Our survey on what it means to be a blogger in India has given us some spectacular insights. Even though the respondents had been blogging from anywhere between a few months to 14 + years, one challenge that was common throughout was finding readers and engagement.

And when we went back to our blackboard, it was like heaven itself was showcasing a spotlight on how we can aide the perennial need of bloggers to engage, discover and read.

Out of this need arose Blogchatter Spotlight – a weekly linky where you can showcase some of your best blog posts, find new blogs to enjoy and make friends who can boost you when you need it.

And all of this on a Saturday! Linky will remain open for 24 hours on our website and only one POST/per blogger is allowed for submission.

How to participate?

  1. Choose a blog post that:
    1. You are particularly proud of


  1. You think could use some community love
  1. The post should have been written in the week preceding

How to reciprocate?

  1. Share at least 4 blogs on twitter from the linky using #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read as many blogs as you want
  3. Comment on as many as you want

Remember a like, share, or comment will go a long way in showing your love and support. After all engagement is a two-way street.

PS: Remember what Purba had said about ‘nice post’ comments that are unhelpful? Yeah, don’t be that blogger. If it is indeed a ‘nice’ post, add a little note telling the blogger what you liked about the post.

Also to gain maximum exposure and traffic, don’t forget to add your post to Blogchatter Reading List as well.

So chop, chop – get to it!

Locate the Current Spotlight Here.