I started writing few years back as a hobby and it was more like an outlet of thoughts. I always wanted to start my own blog with my domain name but was clueless about the whole process. The thought of setting up a website with my domain name was like a dream.

I am proud of my self-made and self-designed website with my domain name and today I am sharing with you all few lessons from my blogging. It is for other moms who are confused about the whole process of setting up their own blog.

Many moms ask me this question- How did you start your own mommy blog?

And here are the steps that I followed-

1. First of all ask yourself these questions-
Do you want to write only about parenting?
Do you enjoy writing fiction, stories or poems?
Do you enjoy sharing your thoughts with others as a mom?
Are you comfortable in sharing your parenting stories with others?

2. Decide – Many moms ask me- How to start? And Where to start? What are the free and paid options?
WordPress.com is free account and WordPress.org is a paid account.

If you are confused about which platform to choose or not sure if you want to start with a paid one for now, start with either Blogger.com or a free WordPress account.

Good news is that you can export all your posts from Blogger or free WordPress account easily when you decide to move to your own domain.

3. Select a hosting site– Once you decide to go for your own domain name, next step is selecting a platform to host your website. There are many hosting sites like Go daddy, Hostgator, Blue host etc. I used Go Daddy for my website and the whole process was very smooth.

4. Domain name– Think of a domain name for your blog. I tried many names but most of them were not available. Think of a name relevant to your site and your genre. It is going to represent you and your blog everywhere.

5. Choose a plan– Go daddy has different plans to choose from and I took Managed WordPress option with a basic plan for my blog and have no complaints. There are a lot of useful plugins already installed for you in your website for the starting and it makes the whole process smooth and easy for you.

6. Designing– Being a non-technical person, if I can do it any one can do it. I designed my own website from scratch and learnt a lot. Although it is always better to take a professionals help for designing, I wanted to do it myself as wanted to learn the whole process.

7. Start writing– Once you are ready with everything, just start writing from your heart and connect with other moms. Networking and connecting with other bloggers is very important and I learnt this from BLOGCHATTER who helped me to connect with other wonderful bloggers too. I learnt a lot from other bloggers and by participating in different campaigns by blogging sites.

My advice to all new mommy bloggers- Try it out and do it yourself. You can always hire a professional to do it for you but there will be no learning.

There will be challenges but it’s all worth it. I am not saying it’s going to be easy as there will be times when you will be lost and clueless about many things. But as they say, “It’s not fun if it’s not challenging.”
And nothing can be as challenging as motherhood.

As moms we can do amazing things and we are anyways expert in the field of parenting. So, why not share your thoughts and ideas with other moms?

If you any queries related to it, you can contact me at [email protected]

About the Author

Deepa is a postgraduate in Foods and nutrition and also went onto do M.Phil. And she is a freelance dietician. She is also a choreographer to follow her passion of dancing and mom of 10 and 14 year old girls. She writes at http://kreativemommy.com/ on topics related to parenting, food, travel and shares her experiences as a mom and as a woman.
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