Of all the memes and trends 2020 has seen, snacking fads have been raging on the internet. A good snack and some chitchat can solve almost anything, right? In fact, a report too has been made on how Indians snacked during the pandemic. Why don’t you grab your snack and take this fun quiz to see how much you know?

Here’s a cheat code for you: make sure you keep Mondelēz International’s Second Annual State of Snacking™ Report open so you can get the right answers *winks*

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The pandemic accelerated the growth of snacking. But, by how much? 9 out of 10 people in India say that they are

  • 1. Ravenous and snacking more than ever during the pandemic, preferring snacks over meals.
  • 2. Want to snack, but too much time is spent taking the much-needed naps.
  • 3. Snacking only because it is trending.

What is the number one driver of snacking in the past year?

  • 1. Definitely comfort. A great snack is a source of good memories and gives peace
  • 2. Hunger, I guess. Why else do we snack?
  • 3. I think the curiosity to try out snacks that others are trying, even if it doesn’t taste great. #dalgonaisonlyforinstagram

50% of millennials in India

  • 1. Keep a secret snack stash that they raid whenever they want to.
  • 2. Would rather skip eating than get themselves some snacks.
  • 3. Only fantasize about snacks they want to eat while scrolling through social media.

The whole work from home phenomena has encouraged around 33% of people to

  • 1. Share a snack virtually with someone in a “bring your own snack” gathering online.
  • 2. Do nothing special with snacks, duh it’s just food…
  • 3. Skip snacking because they were too busy checking the audio and video settings of their video conferencing app.

Did you know, 75% of people sought snacks during the pandemic

  • 1. As a source of nourishment and immunity-boosting.
  • 2. Because they were bored and hungry.
  • 3. Because snacking is an indulgence and we owed it to ourselves during stressful times.

When it comes to shopping virtually for snacks, 84% thought that

  • 1. Shopping online for snacks is easier and plan to continue even when stores open.
  • 2. Nothing like shopping at a supermarket. I don’t really get this online shopping.
  • 3. I’ll just buy what my friend is buying, I am not too mindful about snacks.

So that’s about it. Now it is time to check your answers:

Mostly 1: Fantastic job! You’re up to date on your statistics and snacking etiquette, eh?

Mostly 2: Earth to reader…were you around during 2020? There’s a whole lifestyle around snacking that you are missing out on.

Mostly 3: Chill out a bit, perhaps all the stress will go away with a great snack. Use that social media time to learn a recipe maybe, or just order your favourite snack.

If you haven’t already, here’s an interesting report that will help you understand how India has been snacking in 2020. Share your insights on social media and tag your friends to join in too. With a snack, of course.