What started as a session on blogging resolutions soon turned out to be one of our most successful campaigns so far.

You have many people to go to but your blog has only you 🙂

And breaking its heart through unfulfilled promises is just not something we like! So we inspire many people to take up a blogging resolution and tweet or message to us. We add these to our forever increasing hall of fame and every week on a Sunday night roll out their names with swag!

Yes many of you might get scared by the idea of it all. But don’t worry it gets better after a while 😀

What kinds of resolutions? Pray you might want to ask!

From taking up a posting schedule (say twice a week or thrice a week) to keeping a pageview target, we have all kinds of promises in our kitty!

And every week this kitty overflows with positive motivation and sarcastic remarks to inspire the likes of those who have embarked upon this brave journey. Of sharing with us their blogging resolution.

Try one now! Take a resolution, submit it here and watch the fun!

You can also go through the hall of fame over here: Resolutions