Last few weeks we have been celebrating the awesomeness of ‘Offer of the century‘ ! With so much to pick from in their mix and great discounts, offers – we believe TATA 99 Homes Festival was the best thing that came by this year !

It was India’s first Real Estate Flash Sale.

As part of this mix, we discussed a lot of features about affordable housing and built up great conversations.

For our chat session, as a token of appreciation to the festivities on – we decided to hand out some Amazon Voucher worth 1K INR each !

Here we go the winners!

*drum rolls*

Varsha Bagadia

Arpita Mudit

Satrupa Kaur

Akshika Khatri

Mansi Laus

Congratulations all winners ! We hope you enjoy your vouchers ! Do DM us your email addresses so that we can send you same on it !

And others, if you didn’t win this time – we at Blogchatter are planning lots of things ahead ! And you will get plenty chances to win and have fun on all our platforms ! Hence, don’t lose hope – instead plan and plot more with us !