It has been twenty years since we first met the boy with that lightening scar.

Twenty years of watching him grow, fight demons and emotions and most importantly be that friend, philosopher and guide who taught us so much.

We at Blogchatter are huge Harry Potter fans. We are even greater J K Rowling fans and there can be no differentiation when it comes to this creation-creator duo. After all J K Rowling, along with giving all her life’s dreams and aspirations, also gave away her birthday to Potter. 31st July is uniquely shared by the two.

So it is only natural that we celebrate them together today. Her achievements and grit along with his spirit of survival and friendships.

All today you will be seeing a lot of activities from our handle and community members. You too can participate ! Add your thoughts in a tweet, a Facebook Status Update (please keep them public for easier tracking) or Instagram post. Or perhaps a short video message ! Whatever you like.

Simply add hashtag Positweety to connect better with the celebrations.

What is positweety? 

Positweety is a unique hashtag network to capture good news online (and offline) and share it more. And the boy who lived is probably the best thing that happened to us, so we have decided to champion it under this network.

You can read more about Positweety here: #Positweety- Good News Hashtag Network

In addition to the social celebrations, we also have a blogging theme today ! You can connect a fresh Harry Potter post to our linky below and do read others that get listed. Just simply add a line to your post connecting back to this link so that others can discover the movement as well 🙂