This Friday, the 30th of March, Richa and Suchita (Team Blogchatter) discussed and answered questions on the much awaited EBook Carnival. Of course, the obvious question what exactly is the EBook Carnival was explained by Richa. The A2Z Challenge brings out most creativity among bloggers and a lot of content gets generated. But, most readers are other bloggers. Content from blogs very rarely reaches non-bloggers. Here’s where ebooks come in handy. An ebook gives permanent value to content because people generally read more books than blogs. Another plus point is that ebooks are available offline and can be shared.

Blogs are more dynamic whereas ebooks can be your portfolio. It could be a precursor to a book deal. Nowadays self-publishing has become quite common and that has two elements: publishing and marketing. Here at Blogchatter, the A2Z challenge offers a free platform to test your ideas.

Another frequently asked question was whether one needs to participate in the A2Z challenge to be a part of the EBook Carnival. Both participants as well as community members are welcome to join the EBook Carnival.  At the end of April emailers will be sent with a list of steps on how to convert blog posts into an ebook. Also, the community mentors are always there to provide guidance.

Expenses involved in the making and publishing of an ebook is something many would be worried about. Fortunately, there are tools to help create a good ebook. Usually, publishers charge you for the packaging, not the printing. Why choose Blogchatter when you can self-publish? We have created a list of simple steps:

  1. Formulating your entire manuscript on Microsoft Word in readable font, formatting, using PDF tools,
  2. Getting a good cover design and overall creating a book worthy version of your manuscript.

All of these are not expensive tools. Most authors want to reach out to bloggers who do book reviews and you already have that community for free! There is no money involved here.

Many members were confused about how to convert a blog post into an ebook since they are different. Blog posts are usually short and crisp whereas a novel is more detailed. There is no rule for the length. A blog post can be used as a teaser and a longer version for an ebook, or the blog post can be used as it is. Just like length, topics are subjective too. Write what you are passionate about, not what you think is “trending.” Even five words can earn a great audience if those words are compelling enough. It is the conviction behind it that actually matters.

For those who want to use their blog posts from the A2Z challenge, a good idea would be to make notes during blogging, which would make it easier to put together while working on the ebook. Also, copy-paste your drafts onto a word document before publishing the post so that formatting becomes easy. No matter what they say about judging a book by its cover, the team stresses the importance of having an attractive cover page! There are options available for this too. If you don’t want to spend money on designing it, you can make use of the free tools available. (Canva, for instance). Cover does make a difference. So does the right font. Comic-Sans is not appealing!

There are no guidelines regarding the quality of content. Blogchatter does not censor anything that you write and whatever you post becomes part of the listing. So what role does Blogchatter play in helping you with your ebook? For the first two months the team puts their entire force to help your ebook gain some limelight. If you want to include already published books in the challenge, exclusive rights to the book must be provided to Blogchatter for those two months. Blogchatter helps you with the packaging, not the editing.  Apart from the promotion offered here, it is also the author’s responsibility to put in efforts to market his/her ebook. After all, even seasoned authors don’t stop doing that.

I am sure a lot of us are excited to take the plunge and participate in this carnival. Richa and Suchita made it clear that we need to focus on our content, formatting and just being true to ourselves. Nothing speaks more than real words on paper.

You can watch the video here.