Cultivating Mindfulness

We often find our lives becoming harried and stressful, as we run from one thing to the other; juggling multiple tasks and roles through the day. In times such as these, we can find ourselves feeling harried and overwhelmed, stressed out and on a short fuse.

But if we can just take a few deep breaths, remember to pause for a few moments and centre ourselves in the present moment, it becomes a lot easier to deal with the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. And with a regular mindfulness practice, we can even find that these feelings gradually fade away.

The Mindful Break is a 15-day photography challenge on Instagram that can help you to remember to take a pause…to become aware of your surroundings – look up at the sky, down at the earth, on the table. Focus on the present moment, pause there a while, and then share a picture of your daily moments of mindfulness.

In this simple way, you can begin to slowly cultivate a mindfulness practice that can serve you for the rest of your life.

The “rules” of the challenge are super simple.

Post 1 photo a day {or more if you wish!} on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag.

Take a look at the activity in the hashtag to chat with new peeps and find some interesting new Instagrammers to follow.

Add a link to your Instagram account so we can find new peeps to interact with and follow.

There is no compulsion to follow anyone, and you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Just share your photos on Instagram using #TheMindfulBreak hashtag and have fun! {Oh, and make sure your Instagram account is not set to private, or we won’t be able to find you!}

The challenge runs on Instagram from 15 to 31 October. Join in + spread the word!

About the Author

Shinjini Mehrotra

Shinjini Mehotra is an artist, Tarot reader, and writer. She weaves together her love for art, mindfulness and the Tarot to empower you to uncover your inner wisdom. She offers online Tarot readings and ecourses via her website You can connect with her on Instagram (  or Twitter (  and sign up for her monthly newsletter to receive access to the secret Wanderer’s Library – a growing library of resources on art, mindfulness and soulful living.