This Christmas,
I need you to know,
My heart ain’t ready yet
to let you go
I’ve called the stars
to shine on the snow
And set the fireplace
searing in orange glow!

This Christmas,
I wait for you,
Amidst lights
that beam romance,
For another chance
at our silly dance,
For presents lying
scattered everywhere,
and a promise
that you still care!

This Christmas,
I need you to see,
Pieces of my heart
lying under the tree,
The sanguine eyes
once full of impish glee,
Bewildered, agog,
the child in me!

This Christmas,
I need you to know,
It ain’t about the chimes
and tinsels on the door
I long for our song
to hit the right score,
For this Christmas
it means a little more!

This Christmas,
I want to sin,
with insatiable greed
For this Christmas,
You’re my wish
You’re all I need!

Author Bio

Nidhi Sethi

Nidhi is a dreamer, a rebel, a curious soul, distracted by her own thoughts.
A M&A, strategy professional for the sane; in person she is an introvert turned rhetoric who loves to scribble ramdom”


Nidhi was also awarded Blogstar of the Week, you can read her winning post here: Beginning Today