Be it a cup of freshly brewed coffee, that new paperback your favourite writer released, the brand of clothes you choose with closed eyes, we are all obsessed with the pursuit of authenticity. We want nothing but the best. And why not? Why settle for second best if the best is out there waiting to be discovered?

Authenticity is a brand value that is highly important. With so much competition to ‘get there’ how can we insist that what ourselves have to offer is authentic? Better yet, the question should be how to be authentic. No wonder this is our first blogging commandment and we also had a chat on it.

how to be authentic

How to be authentic: as our community sees it

As simple as it may sound, in order for someone to believe in what your brand speaks, the one rule you have to follow is ‘be honest’. False promises that cannot be kept in the long run, and lack of clarity is a turn off. Originality and integrity are core values every good brand should believe in. How do we practice this? Facts and storytelling together as Richa says make people believe in a brand. Present to people things as they are, crystal clear but don’t forget to capture them with your narrating skills too.

Having a set of values that you adhere to at all times will reflect in your work. Spontaneity builds these values into a pillar of trust that is impossible to break. Trust with followers is naturally built when you maintain your genuine voice and communicate consistently. Authenticity using your unique voice establishes brand value and this builds not just a following, but a cult following as Ravish says.

Two way conversations help in getting a community together says Richa. Simply be yourself and engage with your community. They are your tribe in the online world that can otherwise get lonely. Be present and responsive like Rashi says. This is something beyond competition. Authenticity in the long run slays all competition!

Finding your unique voice is akin to discovering one’s calling says Venkatraman. It streams into all that you do and gives purpose to your writing. Each of us has some unique talent that we only need to figure out and magnify to not just our benefit, but the benefit of the world too. Spend a little time to introspect because whatever is within you will always have an authentic voice to it. Introspection will help you find your ikigai.

To know more about how to be authentic, check what the community has to say.