Love to travel? Love your food? Is there a combination that works better than travel and food? What do you do on the days you are not on the road and can’t figure out which gourmet meal to rustle up? You read about them! Here we have a huge selection of travel and food books to cater to your hunger.

Remember for every:
(a) give yourself 10 points,
(b) 8 points,
(c) gets you 5 points, and
(d) is worth 3 points.

Questions on travel and food ebooks coming up now.

Q1. What kind of destinations do you love the best?

  • a. I am a mountain person. The mist in the hills, the verdant valleys, the towering peaks make my knees go weak.
  • b. Water, water everywhere is my motto. I love the beaches, the crash of the waves. I can spend all my time in the sand and the surf.
  • c. I like locations that are tucked away and are far from the madding crowd. So I travel off-season. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hill station and frozen lakes in the mid of the winters.
  • d. Touristy place is my style. I want to cover every must-see destination.

Q2. What does a real travel buff pack on a journey?

  • a. A camera because a phone cam just won’t do.
  • b. Lots of sunscreen because you need to take care of your skin.
  • c. I prepare a checklist a month in advance to ensure I don’t miss anything.
  • d. Kindle with at least 5 unread ebooks from different genres.

Q3. What do you eat when you are traveling?

  • a. Methi parathas and laddoos. I pack them in zip pouch bags because they keep fresh for weeks that way.
  • b. The best restaurants in town. I look up the ratings online.
  • c. I eat whatever is convenient. Eating-on-the-go and cheap, local stuff is my way.
  • d. Street food. What else? Isn’t that the best way to get to know the culture of a place?

Q4. How do you decide on a destination?

  • a. I have the world map stuck on a wall. I use darts to decide.
  • b. I look at weather charts, ticket prices, bank account and then decide.
  • c. I look at all the exotic tours before booking my tickets to Goa.
  • d. I decide based on my friends’ recommendations.

Q5. Your packing style.

  • a. A backpack with all my stuff – I hope I am not forgetting anything.
  • b. Suitcases, bags, food packages, water bottles. I don’t feel comfortable till everyone is carrying at least 3 bags.
  • c. I like to travel light and carry only the essentials.
  • d. I am a professional at layering – I learnt from Marie Kondo after all.

Q6. How much time do you spend in the kitchen?

  • a. All the time. Cooking and eating is a never ending process.
  • b. I like trying new recipes and showing off my culinary skills.
  • c. I do the regular and get outta the kitchen.
  • d. I love dine-ins and take-outs.

Q7. What do you get back from your travels?

  • a. I am a sucker for tourist souvenirs. My relatives and friends are always asking for stuff when I travel.
  • b. Shopping – ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that!
  • c. Duty free woohoo!
  • d. I love to get back only memories from my trips.

Q8. What’s the scene in the kitchen for you, on a daily basis?

  • a. Drama all the way. In a large joint family, what else do you expect. Kitchen is the place of gossip and scheming.
  • b. The kitchen is so clean you can eat off the platform.
  • c. I love to involve my family in cooking. And sometimes my kids’ friends too. And I like to belt out songs while cooking.
  • d. The mundane. My kitchen counter is strewn with cut veggies and spices.

And, you are done with the travel and food quiz!

Time to sum up your points and check the recommendations.