On April 18, 2018, at 8:30 PM we had a chat session about Travel Writing In India. It was fun and exotic at the same time. We had friends from all over India participate where plans were made to travel to far-flung parts of the world! We warmed up by asking where people would like to travel. Everyone wanted to travel to cool and cold climates like Iceland and Antarctica, maybe because it is so hot this time of year!

We picked apart travel writing and what it means to each of us. Answering tweets were varied from poetic lines that take you there to practical listicles of what exactly you need to travel to a new place.

It’s got to be a poetic piece of literature say some…

Truthfulness is very important even if it isn’t pretty said some of our twitter friends:

Some of us want honesty first and foremost:

Print and the smell of new paper was next in our discussion. Was everyone happy with high-tech online travel writing or old-fashioned books? Many still do love to hold a book in hand. Our answers were diverse and brought out a whole lot of tweets…

With your target audience within easy reach online, Akriti says print has lost it!

Many agree that blogs are easily accessible…

We wondered what exactly a reader was looking for in a great piece of travel writing. As always our Twitterati had mixed reactions.

Mayuri had a point to make, be factual but too much info is a no-no, leave some things for the actual experience!

Ramya said that your experience and information is what she looks for:

Shadows Galore’s tweet kind of summarized everyone’s opinions like this:

We discussed whether it’s important to be a known name in order to get read as a travel writer. Our tweeters’ thoughts varied a lot – some said it doesn’t matter and to others it is crucial:

We were excited to discover quite a few travel writers among the crowd! They all had some unique way of writing to narrate their travel adventures.

Finally, we debated whether its possible to build a career purely out of travel writing. Our gang decided its possible and will happen in the near future when a writer takes a leap of faith.

Ramya’s first two words about summed it up for everyone!

Mayuri thinks we’re not yet there:

Shadows Galore wants to take the plunge, but…!

It was an hour of fast-paced tweeting, with some ribbing and also serious chitchat about famous authors in between. Travel writing needs to be concise, honest and have lots of details. Some of us want a lot of photographs and printed books, while the rest are high-tech. Everyone agreed that books are a necessity when you don’t have connectivity. Travel writing in India is definitely a possibility whose true value is ahead of us.