Do you feel like a bird soaring high and feeling the wind beat through its wings when you blog?

Do you feel like you have broken free from the trap of the world we call reality into your independence when you write? How about a little boost to that today? After all, freedom is sweet, and Spotlight Saturday proves it to you.

It is your right!

  1. Select a blog post of yours that you want to give a little boost.
  2. Link it in the linky below and add it to the Reading List as well, for better reach.

Give someone else the taste of freedom

  1. Share at least four other posts on Twitter using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read as many as you want. The sky is your limit!
  3. Tell them how much you liked their posts or a word of advice.

India awoke to freedom and life at the stroke of the midnight hour 72 years ago and we made a rendezvous with destiny. Today, why not make a tryst with Spotlight before it closes in 24 hours?