You must be thinking ‘Thank God it’s Friday and weekend is a day away.’ Well, we just hope you fed the black cat that crossed your path today and said hello very nicely to the ghoul under your bed because it’s Friday the 13th! *spooky music in background as the sky suddenly turns dark*

What do I Blog About
So, what are you going to blog about next?

Relax, at least it’s not a Monday! Anyway, we just thought that this is the shubh muhurat for a little spook…er…we mean quiz. By the end of this quiz, we solemnly swear that you would have received a lot of gyaan on blogging…especially an answer to the question: What do I Blog About.

Got your trusty pen and paper? Let’s go!

1. Where do you see your blog five years from now?

  • A. Taken over by zombies, but I shall defeat them
  • B. Hugging a eucalyptus tree, snoozing, I like my blog the way it is, thank you very much.
  • C. Strutting around the red carpet showing off an awesome alexa rank

2. Whom do you talk most often to?

  • A. Bob from fourth dimension. Very multidimensional personality
  • B. I send emails to myself, and reply to them too.
  • C. My readers, Wifi provider…Website guy…New clients, did I mention WiFi provider

3.Would you like to try new things?

  • A. After I’m done playing Laser Tag with T-Rex. You’re it!
  • B.  What? Why? No. What?   
  • C. Would you like to try new things? Coz, imma trendsetter here.

4.Your computer is

  • A. Currently a spaceship, tomorrow, don’t know
  • B. Tucked in bed for the night. DND
  • C. Busy checking blog stats, replying to post comments, fan mails.. Uff…Publicity..

5.What is your favourite weekend activity?

  • A. Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. I’m such a happening person 
  • B. Let me get my planner with multi colored sticky notes out
  • C. Devise new social media strategy, think of new posts (hiihahahaha)

6.When you think of writing a new post..

  • A. I’m enlightened. Come, I shall show you the path
  • B. Wait, wait, I need to research it for a month first and find the auspicious time
  • C. What’s trending, how to monetize, how to promote. All set. I’m faster than Flash

7.What type of content do you like to create

  • A. The one that has never been created (still thinking)
  • B. I want to write about the specific rare species of mushroom found in the depths of Texas
  • C. I can create absolutely anything with flair

8.I’d  rather be…

  • A. The next Spiderman, that’s why he left to make room for the real one.
  • B. Discovering new species of moss, so I can blog about it
  • C. Blogging…Do you even need to ask? duh.

Mostly A: Er…Earth to Blogger…OMG, you have ideas brimming and your imagination runs wild. Ever gonna write about them? If you’re looking for a sign this is it. Blog about anything under the sun, even zombies, but blog!!

Mostly B: You play it so safe sticking to your niche that even ‘safe’ needs a new definition. You have got it clear in your head about what you want to write. But a little versatility couldn’t hurt. How about trying something outside your comfort zone? Explore, there are tons of things you might like. 

Mostly C: Well, well, why are you taking this quiz, again? You’ve got everything under control. Maybe you should let it loose for a while. Call up someone who’s not your WiFi guy, and if you must blog, then blog about what you would be if not a blogger. Did we get ya? 😛