Who doesn’t love YouTube? Roughly 1.36 billion people all over the world are YouTube users and 136 million people have YouTube accounts.  Quite a number isn’t it? People vlog about anything and everything under the sun. Be it a hobby, or a job, YouTube will never go out of style.

Thinking of setting up a YouTube channel yourself?  We can help you with that.

    • First of all you of course need to create a YouTube account which is self explanatory once you land on the YouTube page.
    • Decide what you want to vlog about. With tons of topics out there, something is surely going to catch your eye when you begin to explore.
    • How frequently are you going to upload videos?  Start slow and pick up gradually. Taking up more than you can handle might just end in a crash. There are YouTubers uploading daily, twice a week or thrice a week. See what works best for you. Quality over quantity should always be the mantra.
    • Now that you’ve decided on your topic, it’s time to dress your channel up. Think of a catchy name. (Maybe in future you could make a video just to tell your subscribers the story behind that name!) Tags and descriptions are important too. Take your time with this because you want to be found when people search for names on YouTube.
    • Brand your channel! A grand display picture, cover photo and a watermark give it a professional finish. Don’t freak out at the mention of watermark. Online design tools such as Canva and PicMonkey can help you with that for free!
    • With all this done, you can start creating magic with your content. Yay! Get your camera and start shooting. You can watch our previous workshop on speaking into the camera to know more.
    • Done shooting your video? Don’t groan when we say it’s time to edit. There are tons of simple apps that are great for editing – Windows Movie Maker, VivaVideo, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Filmora Video Editor, etc. Most of the apps are free or definitely within a budget, and have ready to use effects packages that can save a lot of time.
    • Congratulations, your first video is ready to be uploaded! Is it all dark out there with no views on your channel? Time for some marketing then. Instagram and Snapchat are great platforms to market your videos. Posting short teasers can encourage viewers to visit your channel to watch the entire video and lo and behold, you might win a subscriber!
  • Never forget that this is a community too. Just like you, there are loads of YouTubers creating content perhaps for the first time and everybody needs encouragement. To build your brand, build your community first!  A gentle pat on someone’s back once in a while can move mountains for you too.

Thinking of how you can be a YouTube star? Well you’ll have to join us this Sunday, on 29th July at 9.30 PM to know more!

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