Noun– a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

First time used in its present form by Peter Merholz, blog by the very virtue of its informal style has come to be one of the most reliable source of crowdsourced information on any topic. Given its nature of this kind it is most susceptible to plagiarism, copyright issues and much worse- misinformation.

Time and again people have been debating on a proper code of conduct for blog (as well as online influencers) to prevent misuse of the concept as such.

So far apart from some informal guidelines and isolated codes, there is no uniform law binding blogs.

Which brings us to discuss Blogging Ethics all this April. Despite our best efforts, often plagiarism and ‘lifted’ content finds its way to many online communities.

Why is ethics so important in blogs?

As a creative person you and your fellow bloggers are all paid (or recognised) for a certain thought process. The translation into words (or images/videos) is only but a reflection of this process. When this very effort is violated, many levels of human bonds get broken.

To begin with – the plagiarist’s dishonesty with his or her own creative process. And of course the unspoken bond they share with another blogger.

All gets broken down.

Beyond plagiarism also exists a lot of issues in blogging.

For example violation of community values.

Stay tuned for more information of the spirit of blogging that connects us all this April !

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