By now, it is in the air that #LeaderChatter track is merging into something big by next year. With all the celebrations around and excitement to enter the new year, we bring you an interesting quiz. Let’s see what’s your leadership style with this quiz. By the end, you will be more clear about leadership qualities within you. This 2020, be a leader in whatever you do.

Before we start, have you taken a paper and pen to mark your score in the end?

what is your leadership style
This New Year 2020 be a leader in whatever you do

Q1. How do you know your personality traits as a leader?

a. You take time to ask yourself what typically drives your choices.

b. You examine the dominant characteristics of your personality.

c. You pay attention to attributes your colleagues often ascribe you with.

Q2. How do you determine your values?

a. When you value your core values through respect, impact and authenticity.

b. By yardsticks of your own behaviour.

c. By the way you think and perceive things.

Q3. You are truly a great leader

a. If you befriend your team and lead their thoughts along with yours.

b. If you are open to suggestions and feedback.

c. If you are able to understand your weaknesses and its effect on your leadership role.

Q4. In what ways do you receive feedback?

a. By circulating a survey in your company and using that feedback to improve.

b. You ask your team members about your leadership skills.

c. You closely observe your competitors and analyse what will work for you.

Q5. You are able to delegate if

a. You entrust your team members and are ready to distribute work among them.

b. You accept that certain tasks are better completed by other team members.

c. You use that extra mental space to plan out further projects.

Q6. You are mostly influenced by

a. Good traits of all surrounding leaders and apply the full package to yourself.

b. Your teachers, bosses and managers.

c. The behaviour of everyone around that keeps you under pressure and affects your decision making.

How did you score in the what is your leadership style quiz?

Mostly A’s – You are one of those Charismatic Leaders having an infectious presence that motivates their team to follow their lead.

Mostly B’s Situational Leaders implement a range of leadership types and modify their style based on the needs of their employees and the environment.

Mostly C’s – Now You are Democratic Leader who welcomes others’ participation in decision-making.

So tell us in the comments section, which leader are you and how closely this quiz could analyse your leadership qualities? Once you are done with the quiz scores, put your results on social media platforms and don’t forget to tag your friends and us. Fun is always in togetherness and not alone. Therefore, we love our community.