The entire world is celebrating food, today being World Food Day and if you are a food blogger, then you must be too. Whether you call it pani puri or spherical pockets of semolina, food is food and here’s a little fun quiz to tease your appetite. Get out your pen, paper and a snack, and let’s dig in.

World Food Day
One wonders if it’s exquisite enough, one drools and one admires the viewpoint

What is your favourite food?

  1. Food is an intricate art
  2. Did you say food? Where? Wait for meee…
  3. Okay, am getting my DSLR, tripod, and let me dress up before we talk food

You’re a food blogger, you must be the most health conscious, no?

  1. Hush, I am busy arranging the one grain of rice on my plate and the dot of gravy next to it.
  2. Gol gappe, vada pav, triple cheese something and oh Murugan idli shop steaming idlis and bucket sambhaar, yes of course.
  3. Define health conscious? I eat spirulina for breakfast and click before and after selfies. I am glowing.

Do you get free food at the restaurant because you are a food blogger?

  1. *snorts* Duh, obviously, the white tablecloth ones invite me to review their place all the time.
  2. I owe 10 Rs to Ramu for last week’s bhel puri. He won’t let me blog about it until I pay up. Let him add it to today’s quota of misal pav.
  3. Maybe, but I only go there if the lighting makes me and the food look sun-kissed for a perfect picture.

You must like cooking, since you’re a foodie, blogger and all?

  1. I can make springy instant noodles out of a yellow packet that curl like Rapunzel’s hair and smell like preservative. Very exotic dish.  Read my post on it. For the less complex dishes, I have a Butler.
  2. I am typically a bawarchi, you name it, I cook it, and then I eat it. P.S- Are you going to finish that, or may I have the last slice of pizza?
  3. I have brand a new kitchen with engineered quartz countertops. On my last Instagram post I boiled water here.

Would you ever say no to food?

  1. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one hasn’t dined well. Life is delicious. Om namah soul food.
  2. I am Kung Fu Panda.
  3. Don’t mess up my plates, spoons and air with all that sauce.

What do you do when you see a post on food online?

  1. Ignore it, and bask in the glory of my post on sweet potatoes from Uganda.
  2. Find it. Buy it. Eat it.
  3. Stalk the account until I find out what filter they used, and then use a better one.

Time to check your answers!

Mostly 1: Er, do you even like food, or just the idea of it? Maybe ask the Butler to cook something that’s not Maggi and then blog about it.

Mostly 2: Oh, you’re a happy foodie, we don’t care if you blog about it, your talk makes us hungry, you’re a pro!

Mostly 3: Don’t know about food, but you certainly care about the perfect post! Will that quartz countertop ever see real food?

Now that we’re done, how about sharing your quiz results on social? Also, it’s World Food Day, what’s for lunch?